Make Metal NY: In Opposition To The Solstice

Flaming Tusk denies the oncoming season of summer and will perform an antisolar ritual in Brooklyn on June 21, collaborating with Eyes Of The Sun, Demilitia and Gloominous Doom in an attempt to destroy the Sun. The Street In Front of Lucky 13 Saloon
273 13th St.
Brooklyn, NY
6:30 PM The rite coincides with the city-wide Make Music New York festival, part of a worldwide event comprising thousands of free outdoor concerts in 460 cities on the first day of summer (so-called). Flaming Tusk shall channel this global surge of bacchic energy into fuel for its will.

Flaming Tusk plays Union Pool & Flaming Tusk merchandise is available for order

Flaming Tusk issues two edicts.

First, let it be known that Flaming Tusk will play its first show of 2011, and its first show with its new guitarist—Bernard Gann, also of Brooklyn Black Metal powerhouse Liturgy, on Wednesday, March 9, at Union Pool. Many have waited for this day. See Nextmosh for details.

Second, let it be known that after months of careful design and research, and having shrewdly waited one year after the release of their debut LP, Old, Blackened Century, Flaming Tusk announces the immediate availability of their newest run of merchandise, available for immediate order at the Flaming Tusk web store.

On offer are two new shirts: the ANTLERBAG shirt, in olive, featuring the new FLAMING TUSK logo designed by renowned calligrapher Jordan Jelev on the front and the engimatic ANTLERBAG graphic on the back; and for OBC devotees the HO CHI MINH KISSINGER shirt in black and custom-mixed yellow ink, honoring Stolas Trephinator’s wildly popular metal catchphrase on the front, with a unique look into Flaming Tusk’s apocryphal past on the back. Both designs are available in high-quality, screenprinted small, medium and large.

The OLD, BLACKENED CENTURY digipak remains available for order at the Flaming Tusk website; it is now also being shipped along with the shirts. So order a CD with a shirt, or a shirt with a CD, and save on shipping.

Finally, Flaming Tusk offers iron-on SIGIL patches. We expect that the majority of you will not nearly be metal enough to rock the patch. We understand it’s not for everybody.

Naturally, all of the above merchandise will be available at this week’s show at Union Pool. So come on down and avoid the shipping fees, you cheap fucks.
FT Merch

Personnel Changes

Flaming Tusk is saddened to announce the departure of guitarist Don Blood from the band, but a week’s worth of arcane chantings and blood sacrifices have summoned Bernard Gann (metal name TBD) to fill the vacant throne and help perpetuate Flaming Tusk’s dual-axed assault on all that is innocent and good. Bernard will be dividing his time between Flaming Tusk and his other band, New York City’s black metal champions Liturgy.

Despite the temporary setback of losing a member, Flaming Tusk will get back on the horse as soon as Bernard returns from Liturgy’s imminent European tour which kicks off September 4th in Aalborg, Denmark at 100 Fryd. New Flaming Tusk material is already being crafted, and shows featuring new songs and favorites from the Abigail EP and current full length Old, Blackened Century will commence as soon as our shamans finish tattooing Bernard with the necessary sigils.

Don Blood is alive and well and living somewhere in Queens.

Two July Shows In NYC

Our power waxes, our acolytes flock. Flaming Tusk plays two shows in New York City in the month of July.

On the sixteenth day of the seventh month, Flaming Tusk will appear at Tommy’s Tavern in the borough of Brooklyn. We ally with Death Bag (from Boston) and Descender.

On the twentieth Flaming Tusk brings its rite to a very special convocation at The Ace Of Clubs in Manhattan. We and fellow locals HULL welcome our brethren from the South in the form of Iron Tongue (featuring members of Rwake) and The Dirty Streets.

At both shows we will be offering the compact disc incarnation of Old, Blackened Century for purchase.

Revolver, NY Press and the internet all hail FT

Revolver Magazine has included Flaming Tusk in their May/June 2010 “Golden Gods” issue. revolverpressclip

'[Flaming Tusk sound like] High on Fire and Immortal mud-wrestling in a blackened sludge pit full of blood, bile, lava and more blood.' -Revolver
Buy as many copies as you can find and beat your friends to death with them. In advance of our upcoming show at Lit Lounge on 5/17, free weekly paper NY Press printed a profile on Flaming Tusk in their May 12 - May 18 issue which can be found lying around lower Manhattan in green litter dispensaries. nypressclip2
'The singer sounds like the meanest motherfucker in the world, scratching out lyrics about the horror of Vietnam including the line that’s been stuck in my head for weeks: “Ho Chi Minh Kissinger!” The guitars seamlessly alternate between doom riffs and classic death metal with a solo that’s best described as Fast Eddie Clarke from Motorhead. The sidewalk shakes. I’m in the right place.' -Adam Wisnieski, NY Press
The full text of the article is reprinted in the Music Features section of the NY Press website. Autothrall, writing for metal blog From The Dust Returned posted an appropriately praiseful review of Old, Blackened Century.
'…I found myself drooling most over the heavier, crashing thrash and burn of “Cillaighfearn” or the crushing, abysmal-tongued power groove of “No Smiles”, which plays out like an armada of hellbilly circus freaks as they burn the goddamn Earth to ashes, 'Stolas Trephinator' going overboard at 2:30 with an insidious spoken word fill that had me both laughing fiendishly at the absurdity and clawing my own eyes out in terror.' -Autothrall, From The Dust Returned

More reviews of Old, Blackened Century

The praise continues.

Atanamar at Sunyata: Mindful of Metal scored OBC an 86/100 (Landmine Marathon and Magrudergrind scored mere 85/100s, the suckers) and says:

I get the same satisfying sense of weirdness that emerged the first time I listened to Mardraum. Those feelings of curiosity, groundlessness and amazement are rarely invoked for me by metal these days. Old, Blackened Century has violently appropriated my attention, much like Cobalt’s Gin did last year… The songwriting is superlative and certainly one of Flaming Tusk’s greatest assets…. Old, Blackened Century is sparse, raw and just what I need at the moment. Most new bands these days sound like poorly stitched Frankenstein monsters of metal methodology. Flaming Tusk are a fully evolved beast with a distinct and appealing sound. This shit just rocks. Old, Blackened Century is definitely worth checking out.

The metal bloggists at No Clean Singing posted a rather comprehensive and possibly slightly obsessive review/band profile. And we quote:

When we listen to Flaming Tusk, we’re reminded at different times of Cobalt, Tombs, Hull, Ludicra, Coalesce, early Mastodon, and — well, you get the idea. Like we said, hard to classify. They don’t really sound exactly like any of those bands, and we certainly don’t mean to suggest they’re intentionally modeling themselves on any of them, but drawing those comparisons is one feeble way of giving you an idea of what Old, Blackened Century brings to mind… Maybe it’s enough to say that if you’re starting to get bored with the metal you’ve been cranking recently, and you’re after something out of the box, you should go listen to Flaming Tusk’s horrifyingly enjoyable opus. (But really, be forewarned about the last song on the album — “Icy River”, which clocks in at nearly 10 minutes — it’s like the sonic equivalent of being tied naked to your bed with a dozen giant, oily black centipedes slowly crawling toward your face.)

If you haven’t heard this record yet, what the hell is your problem?

FT live-in-studio on, 3/6/10

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 6th, Flaming Tusk pollutes the netwaves with a half-hour long live in-studio set (plus a band interview) on streaming radio’s unbelievably killer metal show SOMA DEGENERATE. The show runs from 4PM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time and is available anywhere the tentacles of the internet reach.
We suggest tuning in right at 4PM, because even if we’re not on until later the show’s selecta Navjot has pretty wicked taste. Previous playlists include Bolt Thrower, Cynic, Cobalt, Obscura, Sepultura, Destroyer 666, Opeth and many other anti-luminaries of the metal world.

That’s SOMA DEGENERATE, streaming every Saturday (but especially 3/6/2010) on from 4PM to 6PM EST.